13 Things Your Nanny Won’t Tell You

It’s appalling how much junk you feed your kids


Seriously—give them veggies once in awhile! If you don’t keep junk food in your house, your kids can’t eat it. You can give them choices without destroying their health. Find out the toxic things you didn’t know you were feeding your children.

Don’t come home drunk in the middle of the night…


… Wake up your children to play with them, and then wake me up to put them back to bed. And this should go without saying, but don’t do drugs if you’re going to be around kids, period. And don’t wake me up in the middle of the night just because you’ve partied too hard to care for your own children.

Nannies from other cultures need orientation


Tell me which foods are fancy gourmet foods to be used sparingly and which are everyday foods. I kept eating up the best caviar and spitting it out in the trash, thinking it had gone bad.