9 School Subjects You Took That Your Kids Won’t

Schools still teach the basic subjects such as math, science, history, and English, but the others have changed a lot. Here are classes that you sat through and your kids won’t take.


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You recall days of plugging “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” onto a keyboard or even typewriter again and again. Nowadays, kids’ fingers get enough flexing from texting and typing on their iPads. Many of them can type at lightning speeds without any training and know how to use technology before they can even talk.

Home Economics

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Your son or daughter won’t be donning an apron during the school day anytime soon. Cooking, cleaning, hygiene, and other family-oriented classes are few and far between at high schools around the United States. Some schools do still teach it, but the name has changed to “Family And Consumer Sciences” or something similar, but not Home Ec. Parents, here are the habits that straight-A students have.


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Some schools have shunned cursive classes altogether, but there are still a few that will teach it (with fewer lessons) in third grade. In the past, most kids would continue to study penmanship until the fifth or sixth grades.